Documenta 15

Documenta 15 is great this year! Really really ..

It is trespassing all the conventional norms in terms of how the perception of the public should be structured: focus on the values as sharing and caring is prevalent and obviously etic is dominating on esthetic in a good way. 

It does not mean that there is no good and beautiful works. A lot of them! 

The enormous number of artists invited, 1500! Artists are invited other artists, not any single “famous “in terms of selling’s artists involved

And on top of that, the scandal around the topic of the trauma of WWII, provoked a great solidarity among artists, one more time proving that the values of the socialism are still alive and strong. This generosity triggered us to contribute with a performative spontaneous gesture of taking art works by People’s Justice by Taring Padi down from the exhibition by adding to the display this example of the Utopian Dress, regarding a very recent R/U War, which brought an immense global impact. 

Workshops with We Are Here

Gluklya Studio


All questions Matras Platform

  • What is your name?
  • Are you afraid of emptiness?
  • Are you afraid of nothingness?
  • What can you do when you are confused?
  • How did she manage to survive here?
  • Is it still art when you are using Hashtags? 
  • Is it still communication when you are not?
  • Is it better to youre a hashtag/name or is it better if i don’t?
  • We all, what do we think about life?
  • Why are there still people sleeping on the steet?
  • Where begins the night? What is the night for human (beings)?
  • Do we always have a freedom of choice?
  • Do we agree to disagree?
  • Are we afraid of mistakes?
  • Do you know which way to go?
  • Shall we think better before promising?
  • What is colder -weather or distance ? (from Murad from prevous project)Actully it was a shame moment when he came and we did not react proper on his appearence and he dissapeared very soon )


  • Finding the right words at the right moment is the action

Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings 2017

Carnival of Opressed Feelings

Michail Bachtin [From Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics]

Carnival is a pageant without footlights and without a division into performers and spectators. In carnival everyone is an active participant, everyone communes in the carnival act… The laws, prohibitions, and restrictions that determine the structure and order of ordinary, that is noncarnival, life are suspended during carnival: what is suspended first is hierarchical structure and all the forms of terror, reverence, piety, and etiquette connected with it… or any other form of inequality among people

Carnival of Opressed Feelings happened in Amsterdam in October 2017 .The hybrid of the performance and political demonstration -it is the event summarizing the seria of the workshops and encounters with refuges living at formal prison Baijlmer Bajes. It connected different people together : students ,artists ,activists, academics, people of different ages ,believes and statuses.

COF started  from Bijlmer Bajes and finished at Dam square with several stops on the way.The stops where selected conceptually ,with the idea to tell refugees some alternative story about society or make a small performance. The storys was told by : Sari Akminas( (Journalist from Alepo),Khalid Jone (Activist,We are here),Ehsan Fardjadniya (artist ),Dilyara Valeeva, (Sociologist ,Uva) Erick Hagoort(curator, writer) and others and in the end Gluklya with Theo Tagelaers read the UUU Manifesto.


The structure of the performative body of Carnival is referring to the political demonstration  and consists of different parties.

1) Potato Eaters party 

2) Monsters party 

3) Language of Fragility party

4) Recycling prison party 

5) Spirits of history party


Carnival last 4 hours and brought together around 150 people.



Column of Fragility 2017

Already several years our cultural community of St-Petersburg are celebrating 1 May ,the labor day.It is only the celebraty day which we might imagine to coinside with people outside our community,for example  9 May is the day totally occupied with of nationalists and some other conctellations that we can not imagine we are walking shoulder to shoulder.But 1 May demonstation is growing year to year ,becoming the festival of the progressive forces,new type of performance,which signified about the raising up the critical voice of our community.  

Protest against false election of Vladimir Putin, 2012 St-Petersburg

Inspired by Natalie Pershina | Copyright © 2018