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Workshop in Palermo

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 Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya) _ Workshop @ MANIFESTA 12, Palermo /Collaterial events /2018 Together with  TAAK, Amsterdam and NoMade, Rome.The event  hosted by TMO/Teatro Mediterranean Occupato  /COPRESENCE Gluklya’s Utopian Unemployment Union is a project uniting art, social science, and progressive pedagogy, giving people with all kinds of social backgrounds the opportunity to make art together. Her latest • Read More »


2010/04/08 | By admin | No Comments | Filed in: Workshop. Deferent items of deferent years workshop… Shop of the Utopian Clothes This shop was created in order to remind people (be they men, women, girls or boys) that they are free, that there is true love on earth, and that they are not obligated to follow what others say, neither their parents nor • Read More »


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Clothes from Lena’s aunt. Once in our project came Lena. She came from a small town. As there it is very expensive to rent an apartment in St-Petersburg she was living at her aunt’s home. Aunt seems to be a very nice person from the beginning, but later started to be sadistic and tiresome. Lena • Read More »


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Polly’s Jacket. Polly had a child when she was seventeen. The child’s father, a nonconformist artist, straightforwardly warned Polly that he wouldn’t have anything to do with her or her child. You can imagine what she had to go through after giving birth, especially since her mother isn’t exactly mentally well. The letter on the • Read More »