Utopian Unemployment Union N2

Utopian Unemployment Union

In one of the rooms or transitory spaces (staircase, hallway) of the Winter Palace takes place a dance of migrant workers and ballet dancers .(Vaganovskoe uchilishe). It is a performance with a structure: first the ballet dancers teach the migrants how to dance, then the opposite. We install their national women’s dresses. In the first part the dresses are “seated” around in the chairs. In the second part these dresses are hanging from the ceiling. There is a figure of a moderator who directs the dance, like a conductor. This figure looks without gender, as an androgyn. Continue reading “Utopian Unemployment Union N2”



Gluklya, Tsaplya, and Igor Vikhorev

Recently, the St Petersburg based artists Gluklya & Tsaplya (FNO) discovered and bought the personal archive of a man called Igor Vikhorev — an amateur/outsider photographer most active in the early seventies, now passed away. This archive is the starting point for their work Igor´s Mania, presented at ART MOSCOW 2007. Continue reading “IGOR’S MANIYA”