Club of Unpredictable Drawing 2023

Performative encounter with PACT + Students

Spontaneous drawing session is dedicated to Well Being.

Wellbeing is an abstract notion and because of the nature of its abstract universality it is open for our interpretations. I propose to think about the wellbeing through the lenses of imagination and unpredictability. Unpredictability can be resolved through the spontaneousness, which in turn can be understood as a result of the freedom to do the action which is coinciding with our entire feeling of truth, which in other turn can be understood as a creation of the entire free space which might lead to the act of the creativity.

The other notion I propose to explore during our encounter is the movement. We are all migrants and defending the idea of the rights of migration we are interested in moving matters. A combination of moving and drawing might bring us to the de-conventionalization of the idea of a drawing as just sitting in one place and focusing on the particularity.

When we are lost the time is our friend.

Practical realization :

The group of 4 students, 2 observers ( Misty and Renee ), several parents ( some of them might be with kids ) and artist Gluklya are gathering in the circle . Gluklya invite everybody to share a thought about well-being. What it might mean for each of us. Gluklya also explain the rule of this session: everybody has to speak not more than 3 min. We will do one or two rounds of speaking like this. One of the Observers is controlling the time and after every 3 min is saying: Clock!

After that, when all the ideas about the well-being is collected, the wests with the drawing tools will be introduced to people and everybody is welcomed to dress them on.

Gluklya will explain the rules: Everybody are invited to move freely in the room, trying to mark the surface of paper by the attached drawing tool.

We might do two sessions: one with closed eyes and other with open eyes

Students are invited to listen carefully one by one each of the parents and write down or record the impressions of different outcome: with open eyes and close eyes.

After the session Gluklya and students and all participants are connecting stains made by unpredictable drawing session together by the red color.

Session finished.

The graphic outcomes might be used by Pact in their future campaigns.

Drawings in relation to the exhibition To those who have no time to play /2023

Framer Framed Amsterdam

Drawings in 2020

1,5 m

Corona Diary seria

3 April
Now every time going “buiten” became a breathtaking adventure. Before you were just going out and it is an ordinary trip with usual sites.
And now als je in de straat gaan -there is a real theater going on. Amazingly, how all people in such a short time became disciplined actors. They stop if they see you already from 8 meters, looking down passing by, doing a derive if the road is too narrow by going on the opposite side of the street, gazing suspicious or with the open scariness in the shop if you violate 1,5 m by chance.
Are humans becoming enemies! ??
This night I had a dream that I got a hand with a sophisticated prosthesis that can feel the skin of the person you want to touch and at the same time keep a distance.
It would be great to find the scientist who is thinking in the same direction and can create this hand together.


Plants of the Futures ,Corona Diary seria


I made these during one of those days when you just can not start to do anything, cos of thoughts are jumping one on another and it is hard to focus. Then I decided to find the balance during the portrait of this condition, persuading myself by the proposition that “everybody has these now”. I have added the pattern of the shirt of my mother with blue stripes that she wared last skype. It reminds me of her shirt when she was young and we were together during summer holidays at the Black Sea after I have passed successfully the exam to Muchina Academy.

Inspired by Natalie Pershina | Copyright © 2018