Invitation to new way of sensitivity, 2021

Dear friend!

We, (Hybrid Studio of the Anonymous Doctors ( HSAD)) hope you are well and let us warmly welcome you to our ClinicN2 event!

Meeting ID: 752 7192 3977

Passcode: 4TZ5hE

Hybrid Lecture-Crystal /15 October 2020, 3 pm – 6 pm European time

We are happy to invite you to our oscillatingzoom on 15 October 2020 which is to continue the program of the project “Clinic” dedicated to the research and colonization of the subject of Health.

This time our invited doctor will be Boris Klushnikov, philosopher and art historian based in Moscow.

He will discuss the capacity of crystals as a model of thinking and a natural metaphor for a new way of sensitivity.

Each edge of the Crystal will represent a certain thesis based on the history of the Russian avant-garde, the identity of the crystals in contemporary science fiction, and the ecological ideas of Bruno Latour.

During the process of Lecture-Crystal, we will try to construct the chorovod(round dance in Russian) of the suspense body s, trying to build the choreography with a help of the hand-jewelry. (An art-object), which might help us to create a collective dance of the overcoming contradictions.

The concept of this event appeared from the intention to create the perfopera (performative opera ) Care of the Sun as a response to the legendary opera Victory over the Sun, created by the giants of Russian Vanguard in 2013.

Logistics :

The new Corona rules are requiring not more than 6 people in the room. We are proposing not to take it too much dogmatically, but please let us know if you want to join the session alive or by zoom as soon as you can.

Thank you very much /Hartleijke bedankt /( HSAD)

Here you can find our previous letter of ( HSAD)

Dear friend!

We wholeheartedly invite you to our Hybrid Studio of the Anonymous Doctors ( HSAD) meeting, which will be held on Monday, 17th of August. This will be the very first meeting of art personas, where we are going to discuss the project Clinic.

The idea of this project grows from our current situation with a pandemic, where the topic of health brings the most attention to the system.

The governments are concerned and thus prepare new special methods to control us, our minds, and our hearts. Their plan of controlling our blood flow and the condition of our organs births the response of any creatively-complete persona.

What we can do is to answer to those actions with an equally challenging game!

We are cordially inviting you to become doctors yourself, or to consciously choose the role of a patient and to self-diagnose.

We are sure that the world hasn’t learned about new illnesses yet. They have yet to be documented, and maybe we, the egalitarian group of self-proclaimed doctors and experimentation, are destined to find ways to overcome them.

I believe that many of you might share our belief that every artist is a doctor. In every art-related activity, there is some amount of art therapy. Although we cannot bring the idea of art in general only to the matter of healing, these times dictate what we focus on.

We invite you to participate in the first meeting of the Doctor’s congress, which will be held in a studio at Marnixstraat 150A, 17th of August, starting from 18:00.

Let’s heal each other until our complete Re-Invention of ours every fragilities!

Love ( HSAD)

Inspired by Natalie Pershina | Copyright © 2018