Clothes for the Demonstration Against false Vladimir Putin Elections 2011-2015

Installation, mix textile, wood, hand writing 

43 sticks x 3 m high

56 Venice Biennale,  «All the Worlds Futures » 2015

The work originated with Protest Clothes which participated in real street protests in St. Petersburg in 2011-2012. However, only a few of those survived; the rest were new. The objects are thus “re-created” representatives of protesters with different political positions. Most of the objects  included written slogans. The slogans have been divided into two categories: “Real” slogans people were screaming during the protests (“A Thief Must Sit in Jail”, “Bring Back Our voices”, “Russia Will be Free”, “The anti-abortion law is Russias shame”, “Vova, cut the crap and piss off”, “Russia without Putin”) and the “Utopian” ones, invented by me or my friends, that represent imaginative longing for a better society (“Artists and Migrants Unite”, “Does Russian Mean Orthodox?”, “Students and Veterans against Criminals”)    

Interview with Anna Battista

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