Documenta 15

Documenta 15 is great this year! Really really ..

It is trespassing all the conventional norms in terms of how the perception of the public should be structured: focus on the values as sharing and caring is prevalent and obviously etic is dominating on esthetic in a good way. 

It does not mean that there is no good and beautiful works. A lot of them! 

The enormous number of artists invited, 1500! Artists are invited other artists, not any single “famous “in terms of selling’s artists involved

And on top of that, the scandal around the topic of the trauma of WWII, provoked a great solidarity among artists, one more time proving that the values of the socialism are still alive and strong. This generosity triggered us to contribute with a performative spontaneous gesture of taking art works by People’s Justice by Taring Padi down from the exhibition by adding to the display this example of the Utopian Dress, regarding a very recent R/U War, which brought an immense global impact. 

Inspired by Natalie Pershina | Copyright © 2018