The workshop : Creating the Protest Clothes

The Body Implied: The Vanishing Figure in Soviet Art
Curated by Stephanie Dvareckas
6 March – 15 September, 2024
Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick, United States

As far as the central part of the installation contained the curatorial selection (13 items) of the installation “Clothes for the Demonstration against the false election of Vladimir Putin ,(2015),the topic of the workshop was the creation of the protest clothes.
People where invited via the call :

People where invited by the text :Please bring an item of your clothing , one you might not regret giving away to the common space of social reflection and resistance.
It might be a tee-shirt,  blouse, dress, trousers or any other item from you or your family members or chosen family members as well.
You are invited to take part in a collective creative process inside the museum ,where together, we will formulate our demands and produce the protest clothes . The aim of the workshop is to bridge the private and political, by connecting your experience of indignation, frustration or anger within the social and political reality.
Let’s think together what we want to improve and change in the society and self by formulating the slogan or visual image, using the pieces of our wardrobe as the tool of expression.

Selected items will participate in the 9 -th of March Festival dedicated to the feminist movement in Washington Square Park from 12 to 4 pm.  The topic of this year’s festival which is dedicated the 8 -th of March is : Care for everybody despite the status , migration and social housing .
All are welcome to join us there ! 

People were truly engaged and the most value is that almost all the clothes with statements we produced indeed participated in the 8-th March Washington Square Park protest festival . It is important because usually the institution which hosts the workshop is motivating people to come because things they will produced will be given them to posses . People are usually very happy to keep the item of the clothing the produced during the workshop. But in this case people agreed to donate clothes to the festival which means it will support the undocumented migrants in NY and feminist solidarity in general .

Inspired by Natalie Pershina | Copyright © 2018