Drawings in 2020

Clinic of Multiplicities

The idea behind the project is the decolonization of the subject of Heath.

The notion of Radical Empathy includes the Critical and Educational approach. The latest observations pointed on the lack of compassion and solidarity among our cultural community. The competitiveness, which is typical for the capitalist society with the ruling power of the free-market is blocking the resources of empathy and politically/socially framed creativity. I would like to oppose it by proposing the practice of Radical Empathy and Meaningful Care * referring to the notion of Global Solidarity.

The slogan Global Solidarity came from the article “The world after Coronavirus” by Yuval Noah Harari. It was one of the first articles that appeared at the very start of a global pandemic. Global Solidarity is used in the article along with Empowering the citizens as opposed to New Surveillance – a new form of control that the government is developing for its citizens. The new type of surveillance and control, scarier, and more sophisticated than ever, allows “them” to look under our skin. We have to be prepared for that and develop new types of protection and resistance, to stay healthy, keep our freedom ,to have enough air around ourselves and to be not totally controlled.

The Notion of Care is a multilayered subject.

On one hand, I would like to stay not ignorant of people’s needs, and my statement from 2002 when the Manifest “The place of the Artist is on the Side of the Weak” was written hasn’t changed since that time. On the other hand, to be able to help anybody, you should be very aware of the context of “other”, the one you want to give the helping hand to, with good intentions.

How should we think about Normality and Health now, within the Pandemic? How do we stay within a healthy spirit that is “a bit dirty” in a sense that nothing we can imagine now except the hybrid way of uniting with each other ??

What are the methods we, as artists and thinkers, have to invent to stay “healthy” (free and fearless) within the power structures which aggressively surveil the notion of “Health”?

The Plan of the project :

A series of research-oriented performative seminars which will result in an exhibition and performance or seria of the performances.

For organizing it I am deriving from my previous experiences of the projects Utopian Unemployment Union and Carnival of the Oppressed Feelings.

Seminars will be structured :

-Investigation of the NAZI conception of body and Heathy society, referencing it with the concept of Art of Germany 30-40 s )

– Conceptualizing the idea of the society as a body

-Examine the notion of Care, study the different concepts of Radical and Social Care.

The topic of Care is complex and has to be explored according to the current de-colonial debates and re-tinking the principles of modernity.

-Research about different approaches toward relationships between body and mind including the revisiting the notion of the Witchcraft ( by reflecting upon it ) and the healing rituals of Indonesian Indigenous tribes.

-Reading groups on the topic

I would like to construct a situation where participants can share their knowledge and experiences with a cross-pollinating result.

The idea is to encourage a cohort of Amsterdam based Artists and Thinkers mixed with the refugees and expats, spanning different generations and dialogical identities to rethink the notion of care drawing on indigenous, matriarchal, and, queer pieces of knowledge. The result of these encounters will be an exhibition assembling expertise, artefacts, storytelling, and new tools activated in the space by durational performance. Additionally, all the sublime efforts will be accumulated into the major performance under the working title: Clinic of the Sun Care.

Berlin Art Link

11.9.2020 – 27.12.2020

Center for Contemporary Art, upper floor

The Kinship of Witches: ‘disturbance: witch’ at Citadel Spandau

The exhibition disturbance:witch approaches the theme of the witchcraft from the perspective of contemporary art. The focus is on “the disruptive factor” that shakes the deadlocked power structure and that is inherent in the figure of the witch. The witch-like, “abnormal”, “irrational”, “magical” and “wrong” opposes the traditional role patterns and structures and thus poses a threat to the status quo of contemporary societies that are still white and masculine dominated.

The exhibited works analyze aspects of the witchcraft as attributions and projections onto “witches” or women and queer people, which serve as instruments of exclusion, and examine strategies and goals that are still virulent as “witch hunts” today. The work examines not only the physical, but also the digital space in which the so-called “witch burnings” take place.

Works by: Jamika Ajalon, Tina Bara and Alba DʼUrbano, Emilio Bianchic, Anna and Bernhard Blume, Johanna Braun, Barbara Breitenfellner, Lysann Buschbeck, Sarah Decristoforo, Veronika Eberhart, Margret Eicher, Valerio Figuccio, Parastou Forouhar, Gluklya, Nilbar Güreş, Horst Haack, Orsi Horváth, Emily Hunt, Isabel Kerkermeier, Sharon Kivland, Miriam Lenk, Libera Mazzoleni, Franziska Meinert, Lambert Mousseka, Lisl Ponger, Protektorama (fed by JP Raether), Suzanne Treister, VIP and Carolin Weinert


Curated by Alba D’Urbano und Olga Vostretsova


Made possible by the Kunstfonds Bonn Foundation, with the kind support of the district promotion fund of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe and the Austrian Cultural Forum

Burning the Dress – Purpluscode, Jakarta, 2020

Dear people! 

My name is Gluklya, I am of Russian origin, living now in Amsterdam and St-Petersburg (RU), artist and therapist, acting individually.

I am also a co-founder and member of the multidisciplinary platform chto delat https://chtodelat.org

I am welcoming you to perform together on the 27 February at 1 pm in Purpluscode building! 

Please bring a garment with you that you would like to burn!

I believe that art can heal and give strength and that we need to invent other rituals that can mobilize our community in our dark times. Other rituals than the ones that society forces us to do every day. Let’s resist artificial strategy of our governments to separate us from each other and form our own needs and feelings.

I propose to burn the clothes that brought you disappointment or pain. Something that you want to forgive and forget. I propose to see burning as an act of forgiving, because only after forgiving you can forget.

Let me share with you the preposition of our meeting :

1 pm

Art talk of Gluklya as an intro to the performance 

2 pm

Sharing the stories of clothes that you want to burn 

3 pm 

Burning the garments 

4 pm 

Celebration feast

5 pm

Departure because of traffic

Let s upgrade ourselves collectively!

Maybe during the process of this performance, we will come to new revitalizing solutions for us and society. It is our journey and I am welcoming you to step into it!

Sincerely yours,


I have constructed the situation to share the negative experiences that have happened with the members of the purpluscode community. We talked and focused on the clash between the personal and the political. There were stories about sexual and psychological assault, a frustration about nobody coming to the open call, and others.
I proposed to burn the clothing pieces that were acting as a reminder to the unpleasant experiences that people carry. After the act of burning, liberational sprits came upon us, and we had an open discussion.

Realization of Your Dream

Performance in Jatiwangi Art Factory, Indonesia /2020

I have constructed the situation for the focused tet-a-tet Dialogue about the Realization of Your Dream in the Bamboo Shelter for the Good Spirit, which I have built with the help of wonderful workers. The topic came from the Community. In the context of the decolonization process, I refused to work with my own topic, but took the one which was already there.

I have invited people to speak about their dream and then asked them to draw it.

It was amazing to discover that interest in European Psychoanalysis is present there. The combination of Islam, Marxism, and Psychoanalysis gave an interesting context for the performance and a boost for the research in general.

I intended to leave the Bamboo Shelter for the Good Spirit for the Community so that the inhabitants might have the opportunity to use it further for the development of the new method of Indonesian Psychoanalysis.

The frame of my research is the study of decolonization processes in Europe and Russia with the help of interviews, performances, and workshops, with the outcome of the exhibition in Framer Framed in Amsterdam and other places.

The Motivation behind my trips to Indonesia and post Soviet Asian countries is to discover the techniques and knowledge of a healthy collaboration between body, mind, and spirit by learning about it from rituals and stories and inventing new rituals and learning narratives to establish a new context of the mutual exchange between Asia and Europe.

1,5 m

Corona Diary seria

3 April
Now every time going “buiten” became a breathtaking adventure. Before you were just going out and it is an ordinary trip with usual sites.
And now als je in de straat gaan -there is a real theater going on. Amazingly, how all people in such a short time became disciplined actors. They stop if they see you already from 8 meters, looking down passing by, doing a derive if the road is too narrow by going on the opposite side of the street, gazing suspicious or with the open scariness in the shop if you violate 1,5 m by chance.
Are humans becoming enemies! ??
This night I had a dream that I got a hand with a sophisticated prosthesis that can feel the skin of the person you want to touch and at the same time keep a distance.
It would be great to find the scientist who is thinking in the same direction and can create this hand together.


Plants of the Futures ,Corona Diary seria


I made these during one of those days when you just can not start to do anything, cos of thoughts are jumping one on another and it is hard to focus. Then I decided to find the balance during the portrait of this condition, persuading myself by the proposition that “everybody has these now”. I have added the pattern of the shirt of my mother with blue stripes that she wared last skype. It reminds me of her shirt when she was young and we were together during summer holidays at the Black Sea after I have passed successfully the exam to Muchina Academy.

Inspired by Natalie Pershina | Copyright © 2018