Clinik-4 Invitation January 2021, zoom

Dear Friends! 

In continuation of project CLINIC about the mutual support and care about each other through the informing and learning of essential topics of our days ( inevitable with the performative elements ) we are cordially inviting you to our zoom conversation meeting on the 
13 January 2021 at 4 pm CET time
At each of the meetings, Gluklya is inviting a spoke person named Doctor.
This time a meeting will be constructed as a dialogue between doctors GLUKLYA Natalia Pershina-Jakimanskaya and Vita Buivid about the topic of Aging of our society or Population ageing as it described in the Wikipedia.

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Abstract of the subject of the talk by Vita Buivid 
My interest in research of social and political aspects of ageing relates to the contradictory process of self-awareness. It is devoted to the consideration of one of the critical problems of social philosophy – the study of old age as one of the periods of life of a person and society. Through this research, it seems to me that the essential problem of modern ageing based on the paradoxes and inconsistencies of chronological time and social time. Possibly we can also think about these notions through the local time, expanding it to local chronological time and local social time. The study is presented in the form of fictocritical dystopian novel. This form appeared to be the most suitable to display a large pool of questions that can already be posed, but still do not have an answer. The time in the novel seems to be infinitely stretched, but at the same time, it sometimes shrinks to a specific event. The story is not only the container of thoughts but also contains ideas transforming themselves and adapting while their nature remains the same, but continuously negotiating boundaries between fiction and reality. The future is already here, and therefore it is necessary to be more careful with forecasts. 

 Please watch  the video of Vita made related to the topic
pass – buivid2020

PS 13 January -is the day of saying goodby to the Old Year. Our tradition that we started in St-Petersburg is that we are exchanging presents.
What does it mean : If you have already antibodies or just feeling healthy please come to the studio where i will give you the present physically . In return I will ask you to tel me the story about your most recent prominent experience related to the topic of Love and Care .If you are experiencing other conditions please join our zoom and you will take your present as a free performative lecture about Aging of the Society and in return I would kindly ask you to create a question to the Doctor or Doctors.

Sincerely yours ,Gluklya and Hybrid Studio of the Anonymous Doctors ( HSAD)
Inspired by Natalie Pershina | Copyright © 2018