Final Celebrating

Dear people!

Today we are celebrating the finalisation of our first serial of lab sessions within the Gluklya project CLINIC OF MULTIPLICITIES with members from Matras Platform. We were writing on mattresses on the streets of Amsterdam working with the questions which were raised during our conversations. We are doing it at 3 pm in Vondel park because the same time it is a Protest Demonstration will start at Pieter Calandlaan 1-In solidarity with the victims of the event that was happened in AZC Echt on 21 April 2021.

Welcome to join us with the amazing present of doctor Marianne Koemanand doctor Yulia Ratman

Today our generalisation questions are :

How we can turn the disciplinary rules and distance into a positive flow, by embracing the synchronisation in TIME?

How we can embrace the TIME by synchronising it with the Distance?

Can we stay united by synchronisation of actions at the same TIME?

Welcome to choose the Care Walk by silent way or with talking.!

Dying to see you during the slot of time 3 -5 pm in Vondel park near Blau cafe at the bike place. Veel Kusjies,hartelijke .

Inspired by Natalie Pershina | Copyright © 2018