Polly’s Jacket

Polly’s Jacket.

Polly had a child when she was seventeen. The child’s father, a nonconformist artist, straightforwardly warned Polly that he wouldn’t have anything to do with her or her child. You can imagine what she had to go through after giving birth, especially since her mother isn’t exactly mentally well. The letter on the jacket is addressed to an imaginary ideal lover who would rescue her from all her woes and bring happiness to her child.



Dresses for the project “The Zoo”

Jacket and dress are symbolizing two hypertrophied male and female principles as a mirror image of the victory of wild capitalism in contemporary Russia . We are compo rising the binary oppositions between rich and poor classes with male and female alienation. We think that politic influence on the people s understanding of relations and our target is to show that working in this micro politic level is also very important .

Garden For Businessmen

In 2004 in Stockholm, Gluklya and Tsaplya mounted The Garden for Businessmen, a performance involving 12 businessmen, which posed the questions, as Gluklya puts it: “What is this person except his profession? Is there any life except their business? Who are they as a human? That’s why we proposed to make a kind of dance, with them holding little girls’ dresses representing the more vulnerable, more fragile, part in them.”


The interplay between performance and sculptural object is played out in Garden for Businessman’ where immaculately suited professionals extemporize and perform with children’s clothing in a quintessentially modern corporate environment. In both cases the protagonists play a central role in determining the nature of the work, which again explores the complex interplay between a sensitive, internal humanity and its public face. Like the naval cadets, the businessmen, contemporary symbols of power and authority, express potential layers of tenderness and even powerlessness in a personal theatre of dress play’. They are helplessly drawn into a paradigm perhaps to some degree beyond their grasp; becoming signifiers of an agenda sadly alien to the world of business.

Mаrkus Williams

Father Transformer And The Chorus

Father Transition and the Chorus

55th Oberhausen festival opens with a live performance

Father-transformer and children chorus. Performance 30 min 2009
Performance and opening of 55th Oberhausen, Festival.

We did our research for this performance by interviewing unemployment fathers. The father in the first part is a working father repeating, “I have to work, I have to work”, then he becomes unemployment. The chorus of children react differently on these different psicho conditions of the father.It can be esxplained in the context of research about musculinity.The enourmous presser that man identity is the only can recognised as a “working man”is put by us under the question.

Queer Culture Festival

Dear friends,

We have a new page on Facebook for the upcoming Queer Culture Festival in St. Petersburg. There will be updated information about the festival – programme, pictures etc.

International Queer Culture Festival /http://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Queer-Culture-Festival/147727131920287?ref=ts

Feel free to invite your friends. Hopefully we see you in September!

Best regards,

The Organizing Committee International Festival of Queer Culture 2010

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Mister Grey Adventure

Love-research excursion
spring-summer 2010

The collapse of the old rules and anticipating new rules, even if only formal, is where aesthetics and social resistance meet (Paolo Virno)

Our project is a research about conservative stereotypes in human relations and gender fixing frontiers in a context of cultural values of contemporary neoliberal society. It is a critical research about the ‘Myth of Love’ as well as the myths about the concept of history, tourist expectations, cultural standards and art autonomy. It’s obvious that investigation of the myth means historical knowlege. This part of the project is important and we are happy to collaborate with the art-historian Peter Wagemakers who kindly agreed to take part in our project.
Our hero is a tourist who came to Amsterdam. His name is mister Grey. He does not know what he wants. Maybe love? But what is this? He is just very tired from his life, responsibilities, bills, problems. He has a mid-life crisis. Never in his life he hurt anybody or brought pain … maybe only slightly by his indifference. His mind is in a transitional state, ready to change. Traveling through Amsterdam his mind changes completely.

Our project consists out of two parts:
Social research based on interviews and the excursion as a result .

We would like kindly to ask you if you’re willing to cooperate in our project by letting start the excursion in the W-139. and to distribute headphones and give deskinfo.
Partners of the project will also be the Rijksmuseum and the Lloyd Hotel and
probably De Balie.


As far as we do not now when we can get the support for the project we are planning the realisation of the project approximately around spring-summer 2010 .

Mister Grey adventure

Preparing To The Artsobes Frstival, October 10-20 In St-Petersburg.

Preparing to the ARTsobes festival, October 10-20 in St-Petersburg.
To support heroic efforts of our friends from russian-german exchange to organise the event where art and social problems can meet.


October 2009, St. Petersburg

In October 2009 the German-Russian Exchange together with other public organizations directs the festival of Social Art dedicated to the promotion of the ideas of gender equality in the sense of equal possibilities for deferent but not as the equality of the same. Continue reading “Preparing To The Artsobes Frstival, October 10-20 In St-Petersburg.”

ПИСЬМО ИГОРЮ (на русском)

Дорогой Игорь.

Мы знаем, что твоя жена ушла к другому забрав ребенка. Ты хотел видеть ее всегда королевой, правда, Игорь? Но она не справилась с этой ролью. Прости уж ей. Близким надо прощать. Нам рассказали твои родственники, что ты был настолько харизматичен, что тебе отпускали пиво в ларьке без очереди. Твоя искренность восхищает нас. Ты подобен человеку-волку, который был настолько искренен, что позволил Фрейду сделать великие открытия. Вот и для нас, Игорь ты многое открыл. Оказывается, в нас живет много того, что мы не знаем и, только выводя это на поверхность, мы можем разобраться, что собственно происходит с нами. И тот кто не испугается увидев это, а примет как данность, будет немного счастливее т.к. станет понимать людей лучше.

Знаешь, глядя на твои работы, мы понимаем, как люди у нас в стране представляют себе феминизм. Это когда женщина сядет верхом на мужчину и поедет на нем, как на твоих коллажах, а потом надругается над ним и убьет. Или еще хуже, оставит в живых и сделает рабом на всю жизнь. Страх перед вагиной дентатой сгубил ведь не одну пару возлюбленных. как будто бы обязательно надо, чтобы кто-нибудь на ком-нибудь сидел. Но в принципе, когда люди любят друг друга, они действительно не прочь пожертвовать своей спиной ради любви, но они же делают это добровольно — играют в такой театр. Можно даже сказать, что отношения очень быстро заходят в тупик, если не понимать сути этого внутреннего театра, снисхождения к слабости другого, что и есть гуманизм, не правда ли? А твоя жена не захотела играть — она совсем не умела быть не собой, бедняжка, не актриса она была. Ну что ж — зато сейчас другие люди посмотрят на твои фотографии и может быть задумаются.

С уважением Глюкля и Цапля.

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