Utopian Unemployment Union 2010

Russia, 2009.
14 minutes

Utopian Trade Union for the Unemployed No. 2


We think that art should help people.

If you’ve been fired from your job and you’re in despair,

The ballerinas of the Vaganova Academy are willing to give you a helping hand,

And even a foot, and they’ll even give you their hearts.

The monstrous alienation that exists among people will be overcome.

There can be no doubt about this.

The way we move our bodies, like how we feel, can be transformed.

When you’re suspended between spaces,

When you’re stuck between stable structures,

Then your condition is revolutionary!

Reinvent yourself!

ZOO 2008


Zoo is the film largely focused on the concept of female solidarity.

According to our survey in collaboration with sociologists from Undependent institute of sociological research and Smolnii university /st-Petersburg ,female friendship poorely compares with male brotherhood.

Why is this happening? Answering this question can take a lifetime.

The research preceded the film. We created the situation of temporary club called «Laments about men». We have written our scenario based on listening to a number of stories. One of the women represents a wide-spread symptom of a «manlike woman», a female, whose conscience is constructed by patriarchal dominating attitudes. She is successful in her career, but pathologically unhappy in her lovelife. The other heroine represents conservative female position. She is all pity and she is unusually passive in her actions. Both women are wrong. They are the victims of the system and will continue being unfree untill they realize their symptom and strart acting.


Crimson Sails

Russia/Switzerland, 2005
7 minutes

Our film refers to the novel with the same name of the soviet writer Alexander Green. It is about eternal hope that will never leave peoples hearts. We made our film in Kronstadt, a famous historical place during the 1917 revolution. The central point of the film is the conflict between two generations, two different structures.
We proposed a utopian ending in our film.